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Wexler manufactures the GENCON™ Gen-Set controller and its ancillary devices.
Wexler's official web site is WEXLER.CO.IL. 11/7/2019: This server would be back online within a few days.

GENCON.INFO is a Google managed domain.

Technical support:

Google Voice: +1 (551) 333-9391 (SMS enabled)
Google Mail: info@gencon.info, sales@gencon.info


Nov 2019

GENCON Communicator Mk III (COMM3)

Provided to GENCON customers as a new service is a low-cost, open-hardware based, embedded Linux system for:
  • Load-sharing:
    Interconnects two GENCON networks to form an integral 14 generator-set max load-sharing system.
  • Management
    Automatically starts/stops gen-sets according to their common load using any GENCON load-sharing configuration, and alternates their activity in a way that tries to balance out their individual run-time count.
  • Event logging
    Maintains a log of the last 100 generator-set events. The events are described by text messages which can be customized for each GENCON unit.
  • Communication
    High capacity Modbus/TCP server. Spreadsheet based HMI example is freely available, see the screenshot below.

Block Diagram

block diagram

7" Linux based touchscreen computer

Excel 2019 Running Example

Excel 2019 Running Example

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