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Wexler manufactures the GENCON™ Gen-Set controller and its ancillary devices.
Wexler's official web site is WEXLER.CO.IL.

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Sept 2020

COMM3 is a control and monitoring hub for power plants that employ multiple "all-in-one" GENCON genset controllers. COMM3 software is based on the real-time branch of the Linux operating system. In the following screenshot of the 7" touchscreen we see that in 24 seconds genset A1 would be started to reduce the load of genset B2, the genset selected for display:
The Blue Homepage: The Mimic

Figure 1: The blue homepage

COMM3 expands and improves on the following GENCON functions:

  1. Load sharing
  2. Gensets management
  3. Event logging
  4. Data scope
  5. Communication:
    • Intranet: Modbus/TCP slave
    • Internet: MQTT/TCP client

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